July 24, 2005

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Category: Downloads

What is you wallpaper right now. Well? Some cheesy default picture, a poorly taken photo or just a blank screen? Change that right now with desktopimage.com. All the wallpapers here are created by proper designers/artists, and they all look great. Even the Flash program that you browse the wallpapers through is, er, flashy. Enjoy.

July 08, 2005

Google Earth

Category: Download

Straight from the hand of the Most High Google, this is probably one of their more advanced projects. It does exactly what it says on the tin - "A 3D interface to the planet". The first time you open it, it displays a dragable Earth which moves really fluidly. Then you notice the zoom buttons, and you start to experiment. Soon you'll be gazing into your back garden, going to favorite restaurants, and visiting landmarks hundreds of miles away.
Clever features included are:

  • 'Fly-to', which zooms out of where you are and into wherever you want
  • The ability to zoom, rotate and tilt the view to get the best angle
  • An extremely comprehensive list of local business for all over the world
  • Option of placing markers on locations of interest, which are fully customizable
  • Driving directions - (turn left at waterworks, continue North on a bearing of 349°, etc)
  • 3D building simulator and terrain - amazing in New York

Get it, and prepare to lose hours exploring this beautiful world

May 25, 2005


Category: Online sales

This is my favorite shopping site period. The departments say it all: Gadgets, Boys Toys, Games, Work:Play, Edible (yeah, I know). And that's just naming a few. The products are so cool/weird/unique, just cruising the site is entertaining, lest you actually buy something and then you're going to be kept busy for quite a while. Whatever your sex, job, age or financial situation, there WILL be something here ideal for you.

Consider a few of my favorites:

Everyone a classic (^_^) It was even the Firebox catalogue that introduced me to the wonderful world of Perplex City and ARG's. Is there nothing it can't do?

Homestar Runner!

Category: Humour

This cartoon site has received attention from around the world, and for good reasons. Not only are the characters uniquely funny in their own way, but it's the little things that set it apart from similar toon sites. In particular, the way you discover little hotspots in the Flash that lead to an extra joke, or even the fact that the catch-phrases are so incredibly memorable.

To add yet more praise, even the downloadables are top class and the store ranges in from hoddies to figurines.

Long live The Cheat!!

May 14, 2005

Bug Me Not

Category: Internet tool

This gives free login details to otherwise restricted sites, without you having to register and/or pay up. The list of sites it supplies is incredible and I haven't found a site it hasn't been able to help me with so far, without resorting to making stuff up. One of the most useful sites on the net.

Group Hug // Anonymous Online Confessions

Category: Anonymity

This site is fascinating. Thousands of people each month confess to things here 100% anonymously, to feel better about what they've done. Some of the content is sometimes a bit graphic, but reading them is indescribably addictive.

Before you ask: No, I haven't confessed to anything... or have I? That's all part of the fun :D

Skippy's List

Catagory: Humour

Wow, my first meme. And what a cracker :) 'The List' is a collection of things that a US soldier (yep, that's Skippy) has been forbidden to do by his superiors. This is one site that really is hilariously funny, and anyone who can still breathe by No. 50 is in need of a sense of humour transplant, stat!